ReDesigning the Educational Experience

Navigating Education's

Navigating Education's

Uncharted Territory

A Move from Transactional to Transformational Learning

In “Navigating Education’s Uncharted Territory,” Denice S. Dixon offers an intimate and compelling account of her transformative journey within the public education system. From her roots as a traditional teacher, Dixon unveils the pivotal moments that propelled her into the realm of Teacherpreneurship. The narrative explores the highs and lows of her venture, from the establishment of a humble tutoring center to its evolution into a non-traditional school. As an educational expert navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship, Dixon candidly shares the obstacles that threatened to undermine her vision and the lessons she learned in overcoming them.

The book culminates in a practical “how-to-guide” designed for educators seeking to break free from the traditional classroom setting. Dixon’s guide empowers teachers to embark on their own transformative journey, offering actionable steps for establishing learning pods or micro-schools. “Navigating Education’s Uncharted Territory” is not just a memoir but a rallying cry for educators, parents, and advocates of change to join the movement towards a more dynamic, student-focused educational landscape.

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Navigating Education's

Denice S. Dixon

Is a dedicated educator, educational advocate, businesswoman, and member of the Air Force Reserves, with a proven record of leadership, planning, and educational excellence. With a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Master of Education from American Military University, and Certification as an Orton-Gillingham specialist from Schenck School, Denice has consistently demonstrated expertise in the education realm, instruction strategies, and intervention that meets the needs of students.

In 2018, Mrs. Dixon established TREAD Educational Services, LLC and 2019 TREAD Academy, Inc. which provides personalized tutoring and comprehensive non-traditional curriculum instruction to neurotypical and neurodivergent students in grades Pre-K to 12th grade. She also works as an education advocate with The Kline Firm and is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of special educationand students with dyslexia. As a former public-school special education teacher and a special education administrator, she has worked in multiple districts in the state of Georgia.

Her well-rounded abilities to support classroom teachers, assess student performance, and ensure compliance with educational standards have allowed her to build an educational infrastructure that is positively impacting students. Whether in the classroom or in military service, Denice brings a commitment to excellence, a strategic approach to challenges, and a heart for service, making her an invaluable asset to the field of education and beyond.